Academic Calendar
The National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) is a statutory body setup by an act of Parliament to ensure planned and co-ordinate development of Teacher Education throughout the country. It has prescribed a minimum of 210 working days for the conduct of B.Ed programme of an academic year duration.

The quality of Teacher Education Programme depends on quality and relevance of curriculum and innovations tried in its transaction. Successful conduct of B.Ed Programme depends upon many factors such as availability of the infrastructural facilities, competence and commitment of faculty, work climate, institutional ethics, leadership and management style. For launching a successful educational endeavor, one of the requirements is that an institution should have a blueprint ,that is ,a chart of programmes and activities to be organized during the academic session .In this context a calendar of activities would serve as a operational frame –work for Satish B.Ed College.

Areas of focus
For bringing qualitative improvement in the Secondary Teacher Education programme, attention needs to be given to the following aspects.
1) Practice Teaching- In order to prepare an effective teacher, adequate emphasis should be given to practice teaching and its allied activities.
2) Experience of working in schools – internship programme where student teachers are given opportunity to function as full-fledged school teachers under the guidance of their College supervisors and co-operative school teachers, needs to be adequately provided for.
3) Exposure of effective teaching –Student teachers should be exposed to effective teaching through different methods and techniques by their teachers, who should demonstrate a variety of practices related to good teaching.
4) Co-Curricular activities:- For all-round development of students , Co-curricular activities are organized by the teachers in their schools. Teacher Education institution should, therefore, plan a variety of Co-curricular activities throughout the session with objective of developing capability in student teachers to organize similar programme by themselves.
5) Work with the community: – School and community are inter-related. Therefore student teachers should be provided with an experience of working with the community.
6) Continuous and comprehensive evaluation:- Though the Teacher Education institutions profess that evaluation should be made comprehensive and continuous, their schedule of activities hardly reflects it.

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